Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

These are some of the most commonly asked questions
Is aldrado safe to use?
We are proud to bring to you knowing that aldrado has been serving the bitcoin trading community since 2013-04-07. A quick look at this fact might be worth the while.
Can I send & receive bitcoins to and from other wallets?
Yes, you can. Your aldrado wallet can send & receive bitcoin to & from any wallet.
How much fees do I have to pay??
We are dedicated to keeping aldrado as profitable to traders as possible. Hence, we do not charge a fee for transactions like: bitcoin deposit and selling & buying via escrow. We put a Fee (not for us to keep) on withdrawal because any bitcoin transaction will remain pending forever if there are no allowances for miners' fee. Please keep in mind that all bitcoin transactions attracts what is know as "Miners' Fee" which is usually very small. That fact is applicable to all bitcoin transactions around the world.
If it is all free to do these transactions on aldrado, how do you make a profit?
aldrado has a highly successful functionality called One-Plus systems available to 58 countries around the world and supporting over 10 different payment methods. That is how we make a lot of money.

User Account & Access
Register, Login & password change/reset
Are there any geographical restrictions?
aldrado is 100% open to anyone and everyone around the world. However, we advice our users to check with their local authorities to ensure bitcoin trading is legal under the laws of their locality.
Can I operate multiple accounts?
No, you should not register and operate more than one account. Both accounts could be permanently barred from accessing the platform, loosing all available balances.
How do I recover a lost password?
If your password is lost or forgotten, head on to Password Reset and fill out the required information.

Escrow Trading
Selling and Buying via Escrow
What can I do if a trader is acting phishing?
Do not worry and do not panic. The point of trading via escrow is to protect both parties of a trade. If you are on a trade with a trader and you have reasons to think they might be fraudulent, start a dispute. Our competent trading support representative will come in, ask relevant questions and ask for evidences to assess the situation. The dispute will be resolved in favor of the whoever has the legitimate claim.
How do I mark a trade as paid, cancel a trade or release the escrow to my seller?
  • If you are sure to have made a legitimate payment, click to mark a trade as paid and stop the automatic timer from cancelling the trade.
  • If you are sure to have received a legitimate payment, click to release the escrow to your seller.
  • If you are the buyer and do not wish to proceed with trade, click to cancel trade and return bitcoin in escrow back to seller's wallet.

Receiving, sending and keeping bitcoins
Why is my send transaction pending or cancelled?
If you sent some bitcoin out of your aldrado wallet and it has been on a pending status between 3 minutes to 3 hours, kindly excercise some patience, this could be due to slow blockchain comfirmation timing. If after 3 hours and transaction is pending or cancelled, contact support.
At what point do I get debited?
  • A debit is automatically carried out by the systems when your pending transaction(s) have been confirmed and your receiving wallet address has received funds.
  • At the instance when a buyer makes a request to buy from your escrow trade.
  • At the instance when you make a request to sell bitcoins to One-Plus systems. However, your bitcoin is refunded in full if One-plus can not process your payment for any of the following reasons:
    1. Wrong payment account information
    2. Seller's inability to give One-Plus the go-ahead to make payment after trade starts.
    3. Failed or unapproved transaction